A Neutron Walks Into A Bar

Fun, quirky and informative, A Neutron Walks Into A Bar… is a collection of facts, definitions, explanations, biographies and jokes guaranteed to quench a thirst for knowledge, discovery and humour that’s out of the ordinary.

The Science 140 team which consists of science communicators and enthusiasts including presenter of RTÉ’s The Science Squad Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, science teacher/blogger Humphrey Jones, dentist/journalist Paul O’Dwyer and science blogger Maria Delaney (moi).

Since its launch on Twitter in the spring of 2012, Science 140 has collected thousands of tweets, each explaining a scientific principle, fact, joke or biography in 140 characters or less. The tweets collected are on a range of topics from astronomy to zoology, and have been compiled by science enthusiasts, educators, members of the public and celebrities from all over the world.

The Science 140 book (hardback), A Neutron Walks Into a Bar, is available online and in bookshops across Ireland now (RRP €10.40). It was published in paperback in October 2013. All royalties go towards cystic fibrosis research. For more information, see

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