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Rebecca O'Neill

Rebecca O’Neill tells the story of how her interest in Wikipedia and digital curation began with a twist of tiger and natural history. She is the organiser of Dublin’s PubhD (on tonight) and many other interesting events including ‘Irish Women in STEM’ and ‘Women in Engineering’ Wikimedia Ireland Editathons.



Speaking of events… there are a few others you might want to check out. We went along to the Science Gallery’s new exhibit, HOME\SICK last week (runs until 19 July*).

The team gives The Moth a thumbs up with the next story night on 18 May. It seems pubs play a central role in both PhDs and science as the wonderful Pint of Science is almost upon us (18-20 May).

Finally, Maria went along to the Inspirefest launch to find out what was happening from 18-20 June. There’s a really good Inspirefest discount for WITS members… click here for more info.

DID YOU HEAR (12:33)

Research Prioritization

What is Science Calling without a discussion about science policy… we finish up by chatting to Prof Luke Drury, Prof Peter Gallagher, Dr Avril Kennan, Prof Patrick O’Donovan and Dr Marion Palmer. We hear their thoughts on the current Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation as well as what they think should be in the new strategy. This will be published later this year according to minister for skills, research and innovation, Damien English.


Science Calling

Produced and researched by Maria Delaney who presented the programme with David Delaney.

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*Correction: SC Episode One says the new Science Gallery exhibition HOME\SICK ends on 19 June, when it actually runs until 19 July. So you’ve an extra month to check it out!