Science +1: Calling guest posts

With the long weekend upon us, I’m inviting you all to ponder where science will lead us to next. As a researcher, have you glimpsed at the future? As a science enthusiast, what areas do you think will unveil the next “big thing”? Will increased public engagement lead to better research outcomes? Science Calling’s next week-long special, Science +1, will be focused on the frontier and hopes to address these questions.

Two separate sources of inspiration led me to the theme, Science +1. The first was reading about graphene (illustrated above). This is an example of a new material that is currently exciting scientists due to its massive potential. It is a form of carbon that is only one atom thick yet is phenomenally strong, thin, flexible, transparent and conductive. Many of its applications are just waiting to be discovered capturing the imagination of all who learn of its unearthing. Last week at the #STEMCon in Tullamore, science broadcaster Leo Enright reminded me of the innovation occurring in new biological fields. He remarked that “new biology… is equivalent to landing people on the moon”. This was a particularly apt statement coming from a man who was so close to the Apollo 11 launch. My aim for Science +1 is to discuss the next small steps and maybe even a giant leap or two.

Planned for mid-to-late May, guest posts will be an essential part of this special. Science is vast and diverse so I hope that people from a variety of backgrounds will be able to participate (researchers from different fields, science enthusiasts, people involved in public engagement etc). If you are interested in writing a guest post for Science +1, please email me.

What do you think of the theme, Science +1? Do you have any ideas or topics you feel should be included in this special? I would love to hear any feedback you may have… please comment below!