Taking a year out

It is tough work to maintain a blog. With almost three years’ experience of writing and reading blogs, my formula for success contains three essential elements. When one of these elements is missing, I feel the quality of the site reduces. TIME + THOUGHT + DEDICATION = INTERESTING BLOG Unfortunately, that is what happened to Science […]

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Science On Film

It’s a bit too damp for trick or treating… so perhaps a trip to the cinema is the best plan for tonight. If you fancy a scare, UCD’s science film festival has just the thing for you: a screening of the Shining in the Lighthouse Cinema following by a panel discussion about the psychology of […]

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Spot On Social Media Tools

Are you a scientist? What do you think of social media? Do you find it useful or have you no idea where to start? Tim McCormick, Marie Boran and I are hosting a workshop on smart social media tools for scientists at Spot On London and we’d love to hear what you think!

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Maths Week: Sum Stories

It’s Maths Week 2013! Maths was my favourite subject in school so I couldn’t let the week go by without some sort of celebration. To share some numerical joy, I tweeted earlier asking you to tell some tweet-sized maths stories. These include your favourite sums, equations and experiences etc with maths. I’ll keep adding to […]

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Budget 2014 Breakdown: Science

Since the overall budget figure for Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland are combined for the purpose of Budget 2014, it is difficult to compare exact figures with last year’s budget. The total figure of over €400 million for research and innovation programmes takes into account all sources of funding (including EU and industry) so it […]

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Book Review: Animal Wise

People viewed animals as companions and co-workers for centuries yet it is only recently that their emotions and thoughts were scientifically studied. It is startling to read that only 60 years ago animals were viewed as robotic machines devoid of feeling. Virginia Morell demonstrates this new wealth of knowledge and research about the minds of […]

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