A Neutron Walks Into A Bar – Out Now!

A Neutron Walks Into A Bar is on bookshops across the country from today. The culmination of the exciting social media project, Science 140, is finally here!

This project started last April and we had an unbelieveable response from scientists and science enthusiasts from all over the world. The book contains heaps of interesting science facts, jokes, experiments and even a few poems. All of these are under 140 characters and were submitted via Twitter using #Science140. All royalties are going to cystic fibrosis research (so no excuses).

It’s amazing that it is the publication day! It has been a whirlwind journey over the past seven months. I’ve learnt so much about social media and the world of publishing… from interacting with amazing contributors to compiling tweets to editing and proofing.

Team Science140 is an amazing group to be part of. Humphrey, Aoibhinn and Paul have become close friends and I’ve loved working with them. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who contributed to A Neutron Walks Into A Bar. The submitted tweets were fascinating and cleverly written making the editing process almost impossible.

A Neutron Walks Into A Bar is available in bookshops across Ireland and online through (RRP €14.99):

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