Students pick top scientists

The winner’s of the Irish version of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! was announced today with two researchers from Trinity College Dublin and one from NUI Galway triumphing.

This free online event had been taking place for the past two weeks. Primary and secondary school students have been chatting to scientists who were categorized in three different zones: Health, Hydrogen and Space. Five scientists started in each zone but they were each eliminated by the students one-by-one until the winners were announced today.

Time for a drum roll… the winners are:

I caught up with Paul earlier, just after he heard the good news. Listen here:

Paul is writing a guest post for Science Calling as part of the SciPol Impact series starting this Monday. He is part of the Love Irish Science group which is currently looking for signatures for its petition: Help restore the Irish government’s commitment to excellence in Scientific Research.

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