Generation Higgs to visit Maynooth

Four generations of scientists are to speak about the world of physics before and after the Higgs boson in NUI Maynooth tomorrow… and I’ll be there to fill you in!

Peter Higgs along with three subsequent generations are speaking as part of the Irish Quantum Field Theory meeting. It is a public lecture but tickets are in short supply with many now on the waiting list.

Professor Emeritus Peter Higgs (of the boson), Alan Walker MBE (younger generation colleague), Dr Victoria Martin (getting younger) and Fransisca Garay (PhD student) are all from the University of Edinburgh. The talk will cover the entire period from the theory in 1964 to the evidence from the Large Hadron Collider in CERN last year.

I’ll be live tweeting from the talk (@mhdelaney) so expect a bombardment on your Twitter stream tomorrow afternoon. The hashtag is #HIGGSNUIM.

A similar format of talk happened in Edinburgh last year. You can swat up for an interesting Q&A session by watching it here:

Top image: Marc Buehler via Flickr