Exciting news: Science Calling shortlisted for Big Mouth 2011

I’m delighted to announce that Science Calling has been shortlisted for a 2011 Eircom Spiders Big Mouth Award! This is a People’s Choice Award and will be decided by public vote. The Big Mouth Award searches for the most influential voice online in Ireland.

Last year’s winner was The Frog Blog, a brilliant science blog written by Humphrey Jones of St. Columba’s College. Included in this year’s eleven strong shortlist is another science blog, Communicate Science, skilfully written by Eoin Lettice.

I’m very privileged to be flying the science communicator flag with Eoin this year at the awards. Thanks so much to everyone who has read my posts, offered advice and contributed to this blog over the past few months!!

Science Calling in the news:



Update (11 November): Unfortunately Science Calling’s mouth just wasn’t big enough (yet!) as fellow Carlovian, Rukkle, won the award. It was so brilliant to be shortlisted after only five months online. Thank you so much for voting!

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