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Instead of writing my usual science post today I’m going to share some of the highlights of this eventful week with you. After just 5 months blogging, I was ecstatic to be a conference blogger at Falling Walls and shortlisted for an eircom Spider. Following the Falling Walls conference on Wednesday, I attended the Festive Dinner (photo above) in the Museum of Communication, Berlin. Our entertainment for the night included a talk by a former Japanese Minister, Kõji Omi. Last night, in stark contrast, Dara O Briain hosted the Spider Awards, in the Convention Centre. Two black ties in two nights! Science writing has suddenly become a glamorous affair. 

With Dara O Briain at the eircom Spiders 2011

The Big Mouth Award was announced after a delicious dinner and unfortunately it wasn’t good news for Science Calling. Congratulations to Rukkle, a fellow Carlovian’s website, who won the Big Mouth Award on the night. I had a great time and met lovely people from eircom, Red Engine and CMC Markets. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me! Also, congrats to fellow science blogger and Big Mouth shortlistee Eoin Lettice (Communicate Science).

Being fond of numbers, here are a few stats from the week:

  • New record #1: 14 posts in one week (11 on Falling Wall’s Blog)
  • New record #2: Average of 27 tweets over 2 days at Falling Walls (apologies to all my followers!)
  • Glamour Stat #1: 2 black ties, 2 cities, 2 nights
  • Glamour Stat #2: 10 taxi journeys (mostly free!)
  • Celebrity Stat #1: 4 meters away from Angela Merkel
  • Celebrity Stat #2: 0 meters away from Dara O Briain
  • Emblazoned Gift #1: Hammer from Falling Walls
  • Emblazoned Gift #2: Poker chip from eircom Spiders

Before my brain melts down completely, it’s time to finish this short 14th post after an amazing science writing-filled week.

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