What does 2012 have to offer? A new year for Science Calling

Welcome to Science Calling’s 2012!

New Content:

There will be a number of new features to look forward to in the coming months including:

Sparking Debate

  • Opinion Pieces – New monthly posts ranging from gender stereotyping to the history of science
  • Devil’s Advocate – Controversial topics (e.g. climate change) told from another angle

New Science Stories

  • Science Trips – On the road hunting for some fresh science topics (whales are first on the menu)
  • Modern Irish Science Stories – The untold stories behind discoveries by modern Irish scientists

Encouraging Science Communication in Ireland:

Helping the development of new science writers by:

  • Guest Writers – More to be featured in 2012. If you’re interested, contact via email.
  • Undergraduate Science Writing Prize – Currently in development (stay tuned!)
  • Science Blogging Uncut Workshop – Currently in development (again… stay tuned!)

If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It:

As well as this, you can expect the usual posts:

  • New Research – Interesting discoveries from both home and abroad
  • Featured Conferences – Features and updates from science conferences including ESOF 2012
  • Thoughts on Science – Ideas that spring to mind throughout the year
  • Irish Science Events & Activities – If you’re hosting one, let me know!

… Starting from Next Week

No better day than Friday 13th!

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