Week-long special: Gender Stereotypes

I’m delighted to launch Science Calling’s first week-long special on a theme that is very important to me, Gender Stereotypes. The idea for this started back in October when I finally plucked up the courage to send one of my favourite blogs, The Anti Room, a post on gender stereotyping. Reading other women’s posts had inspired me to think a lot about feminism and the differences between genders still present in society. Unfortunately, that very week, the thought-provoking blog went on indefinite (and possibly permanent) hiatus. Writing that post made me more aware of the effect of gender stereotypes on society so I felt it was the perfect theme for a week-long special.

Over the next few days there will be a variety of interesting posts from both new and regular contributors. Here’s a preview of what you have to look forward to:

The main aim of this special is to generate discussion on the subject of gender stereotypes so please comment below the posts: Do you agree or disagree? Have you additional information or links? Any similar or completely different personal experiences?

Check back tomorrow for the first post… Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Week-long special: Gender Stereotypes

  1. Everybody has probably already read this as it’s quite old but I thought it might be of interest to this particular topic of discussion:


    It was the only article I could find that was somewhat unbiased, none of the others were. There’s other stories of this as well but it just happens that I’ve read the most about this one in particular.

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