Science unveiled as walls crumble

My brain needs a shock to get it back in working order after liveblogging at the Falling Wall Conference in Berlin yesterday. It was a brilliantly filled with a variety of interesting talks.

Talks I wrote about can be viewed via the Falling Walls blog: [no longer online]

  • Reverse engineering an elephant – Post on Professor David Harel & Breaking the Wall of Biocomplexity
  • Learning from a Lotus Leaf – Prof Nicola Pugno & Breaking the Wall of Super Materials
  • Changing Perspections of Food – Prof Per Møller & Breaking the Wall of Bad Taste
  • Fueling Deep Sea Research – Prof Herzig & Breaking the Wall of the Dark Side of the Oceans
  • Developing Drug Accessibility – Dr Denis Broun & Breaking the Wall of Inaccessible Drugs

If you missed out yesterday, you should visit the rest of the Falling Walls Blog as my fellow livebloggers Frank Swain and Jeffrey Marlow wrote about some of the other talks.