Spot On Social Media Tools

Are you a scientist? What do you think of social media? Do you find it useful or have you no idea where to start? Tim McCormickMarie Boran and I are hosting a workshop on smart social media tools for scientists at Spot On London and we’d love to hear what you think!

During the hour-long workshop we’ll be talking about social media from a number of perspectives: organisation, researcher, public engagement and media. We hope these initial thoughts will develop into a discussion as workshop participants voice their views and ideas.

At the moment we’re in preparation mode and would like input on what you think about social media. We’re all coverts to the online conversation but perhaps you have identified obstacles or barriers that need to be addressed. If you’re as equally addicted as us, perhaps you can suggest some awesome hashtags that we should mention or platforms and tools that you find useful.

Either way, please join our conversation at #solo13smart or comment with suggestions and pointers below. We’re shaping the workshop over the coming days so your input and thoughts are appreciated.

If you’re not in London you can watch our workshop online as each SpotOn London session is live-streamed. Keep an eye on #solo13smart as we’ll tweet the link on the day.

Update: Marie Boran has created a shared spreadsheet to find out how scientists use social media. Please fill this in… it only takes a minute!

Image: Spot On London