Jumping into Journalism

Testing 1,2,3… and Science Calling is back in action! The last month has been both exciting and scary but I’ve lot of news to tell you. In the middle of our current economic crisis, I have made one of the hardest decisions of my life; to leave my permanent job! Amazingly, this blog is entirely to blame. So begins the intrinsic problem with blogging. You write about what you are passionate about but it makes you realise just how passionate about it you are! This blog re-ignited my enthusiasm for science and surprised me by releasing a writer buried inside me.

About 2 months ago, I found myself preparing a personal statement to apply for DCU’s MA in Journalism. There were a few obstacles in my way including having a job (course is full-time) and being short of funds. I decided to deal with those if I got accepted! To attempt to overcome lack of funds, I applied for a scholarship that pays for the course. My proposal needed to be about the link between online journalism and digital marketing. Unbelievably, I had recently started a job in marketing and had lots of experience in online journalism (blog is starting to pay off…). To cut a long story short, I was stunned to be offered the scholarship.

I’m so excited to tell you my news as you helped me discover this radical career change. The beginning of ESOF is also a new beginning for me as it is the start of my journey to become a science journalist. I’m full of nerves but an adventure beckons and I’m jumping in head first!

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  1. This is very amazing and exciting news! Well done and massive congratulations on the (very-well deserved) scholarship!!

  2. Congrats again Maria…such an exciting new chapter ahead of you 🙂

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