Pens down: Start of new series encouraging science writers

Emerging Writer Schedule

Research has been done, drafts written and final articles submitted… it’s time for the Emerging Writer series. opened its virtual doors to budding science writers to give them a platform to showcase their skills. Just over a month later, nine articles are ready for your enjoyment.

A new article will be published each weekday morning over the next two weeks starting tomorrow. The hashtag for the series is #EmergingWriter.

I’m delighted to announce that nine writers from across the globe are taking part. These are:

Week 1:

Week 2:

For up-and-coming science writers, check out the top tips from our panel of experts.

Thanks to everyone for promoting this series via social media over the past month. Don’t forget to check back each day from 9.30am for a new article!

Click on the following logo (featured at the end of each article) to see all posts in this series:


Series Logo: Photo by moi. ‘Hand emerging from sand on a freezing cold day’ modeled beautifully by my husband, David.